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Welcome to Royal in Rune!
Construction skill released!

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 Royal In Rune Starter Guide.

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PostSubject: Royal In Rune Starter Guide.   Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:12 am

Welcome Everybody To Royal In Rune

Step 1 - You will create your own username and your own ***CENSOR*** password.
Once you have done this click Log In.

Step 2 - You have now entered Royal In Rune!
Now the first thing you will see is something that looks like this;

You have been given some STARTER items to start you of in Royal In Rune!
You only get 2 starter packs per IP Adress, so i suggest you dont make a millon accounts.
Also you will automatically be talking to Make Over Mage, and you can create the look or style of your avatar.
You may change the gender, the hair, the clothes, the colour of everything etc, once completed press ACCEPT.

Step 3 - With all your starter items you might wont to wield some and start training your combat skills etc?
What i suggest is look through all your starter items and bank everything and start of with some skills, so when you happen to get combat levels up you have some money to buy things with.
The best one to do would be thieving and hunting, and everything you hunt sell to the shopkeeper!

Step 4 - Your starter items consist of ; 5m, abyssal whip, strength amulet, 1k fire/air/mind/cosmic and 100 water/dealth/blood, iron, 2 rune plus dragon scimitar, bow with 150 bronze arrows, 500 manta rays and 3k lobsters, magic longbow with 500 rune arrows, poisioned dragon dagger, begginer wand, amulet of glory(5) and last and not least 50 pots(3) of strength and attack potion.
Step 5 - Looking through all the shops

First We Have Our Fancy Dress Shop

This shop is mainly for skilling characters, because they cant wear fancy armor because of there low combat they can wear nice clothes will doing there skills.

Second We Have Our Giles

This shop sells all your starter items to start combat with monsters to build up your levels, and also some pking outfits you can wear out when pking.

Third We Have Our Zeke

This shop sells our skiller and fighting hats and our rune full armor and some other gadgets along the side

Fourth We Have Our Bow and Arrows Man

This shop sells ALL your ranging needs, from level 1-99 range you can buy everything you need from this shop it has some really good items and i suggest ranging most monsters because i bieleve its the most effective combat skill

Fifth We Have Our Magic Owner

This shop sells all your magic needs, it sells every kind of rune you will need, all your staffs so you dont need to waste runs and some magic robes to give you bonus

Sixth We Have Our Shopkeeper

Now this shopkeeper is for SELLING ITEMS ONLY, dont buy anything of him because nothing is in his shop whenever you wish to just sell something, you talk to him and sell you items and other players can buy them off him if there in time

Seventh We Have Our Shopkeeper

Now this shopkeeper doesnt buy anything of you, you can buy everything of this, you can buy all your equipment you need for skilling or potions or bones for prayer etc

Step 6 - Just a quick look at RoyalIn Rune's Teleports
If you click on them you can find out where they take you Smile

The only dangerous ones are PKING TELEPORT THEY TAKE YOU TO THE WILDNESS, where other players can attack you!

Thankyou For Reading Through This
I Hope I Helped Some People Smile

Thankyou Cameron
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PostSubject: Re: Royal In Rune Starter Guide.   Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:32 am

Great guide! (nice layout aswell!)
You can clearly see you have put some time into this Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Royal In Rune Starter Guide.   Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:20 am

dewd amaizing guide Very Happy...
Spread that sugar babe (prhase of the day :L )

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PostSubject: Re: Royal In Rune Starter Guide.   

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Royal In Rune Starter Guide.
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