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 Rune Boots 500Kea

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PostSubject: Rune Boots 500Kea   Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:23 pm

If u're new and need easy cash then follow this steps:

1.- Do ::vote4cash, vote on all 5 sites, then do ::claim (ingame) for 50m reward, each 24 hours!.
2.- Get Slayer to 80 to kill Nechrayel, which drops Fury, Dragon Boots and RUNE BOOTS!
3.- After u get plenty enough rune boots, contact the following subjects:

*Sr Zerker

4.- Get paid! 500k each pair...!

Why this lame guide? xD cuz i'm bored and wanted to make it a bit funneh... so cya around

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Rune Boots 500Kea
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