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 staff app king kush

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king kush

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PostSubject: staff app king kush   Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:53 am

Ingame name-king kush
real name-justin
how old are you?-16-17
How long have you been playing the server?-about 3weeks
Why do you think you should be a staffmember if Royal in Rune?-im nice ik all the players and every 1 likes me and ik i can do the job
Does anyone think you deserve it?idk but i hope they do
Why do you think you deserve it? i advert i play the server alot im nice to every 1 ive been staff before
Have you ever helped someone?-yes more than once
How long can you play each day?-3-6hr
Are you active on both forums and ingame?-yes
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?-yes sensationscape
Have you broken any rules?-no

-king kush pick me
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PostSubject: Re: staff app king kush   Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:51 pm


As you know the server is having a bit of problems at the moment with the VPS provider, but this should be fixed soon, so sorry for the late reply.

Further more, as soon as the server has reached 20 votes on BOTH toplist (So Vote!), and the new skills are added, I will select a new staff member! I will not tell who it is yet. But you are definetly having a big chance.

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staff app king kush
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